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Jan 19, 2016

Wes Bertrand and I are joined by geneticist Kevin McKernan for more analysis of Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio. This time we take a close look at Molyneux's Gene Wars series, and the R vs K hypothosis discussed within. Kevin details how R vs K has long been dismissed as pseudo science by the scientific community, and that there is no evidence for the claims Stefan is making that political leanings are tied to genetics. From there, Kevin talks about how the claims Stef is making about IQ being linked to genetics also have no scientific evidence to back them. We discuss race quite a bit in this episode, and even dig into global warming a bit. This is a can't miss show, especially if you are an FDR listener!

Part 1 in the series:
Part 2 in the series:


Find more from Wes here:


Cannmed conference mentioned by Kevin:


Superior Pattern Processing is the essence of the evolved human brain

Joseph Graves refutation of R vs K
Wikipedia refutation of R vs K
Self reported race is not accurate. Bell Curve is based on self reported race.

Ice Core data (Figure 5)- Not open access but discussed at the link below.
• North Greenland Ice Core Project Members: High-resolution record of Northern Hemisphere climate extending into the last interglacial period, Nature, 431, 147-151, 2004

IQ genetics cant be found
Closest recent finding implies a network of over 150 genes

Genetics of Skin Color

Human Microbiome complexity

Human Birth Rate

Cannabis plants per year are derived from DEA seizure data (likely flawed but black market data is hard to get to)

DEA report over 4M plants seized and believes to only seize less than 10% of whats out there.
10,000 metric tons at 1 pound per plant = 2204 X10,000 or 22M plants in the USA alone (5% of global population)
about 4M people were born in the USA in 2010

The choice quotes Wes read, starting at 1hr 39min:

FDR3170 Dusty P3n!s Syndrome - Call In Show - January 1st, 2016


And finally, some comic relief. The savior is risen!!!


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