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Nov 30, 2012

The co-hosts of the popular Zen Parenting Radio Podcast join Chris and I for a hearty discussion on Parenting. Cathy and Todd Adams discuss their particular way of being self-aware parents and how they overcome the daily challenges of being responsible parents.

Some takeaway points from this podcast are:

-Parenting is "simple... but not easy"

-Steve provides a really bad sports analogy

-How to handle not becoming "offended" when a child yells back at you or disrespects the parent

-We spend a good bit of time talking about the partnership of parents and how important that is, and also how to manage that relationship in a healthy way

Steve's Aftershow Deep Thoughts:

Oddly (but not so oddly), I walked away from this interview noticing a parallel between 'Parenting Podcasts' and 'Business Management Podcasts' because they both share the same language and structure. Both topics are about empowering the individual who is being managed to be free and creative but yet there is always a need for safe boundaries. Both topics tackle the issue of establishing order. Both topics understand that a reward system is necessary. Both topics understand that discipline must be catered to foster learning from the example (the fear of punishment is a powerful motivator to curb behaviors but not so much a motivator to be innovative).

Management and parenting may just be one in the same. Is there a relationship between how we treat children and how we treat adults? Are there universal behaviors and treatments that can be gleaned from one topic and transferred to the other topic?

Obviously, I will concede that this may not always be the case (diaper changing for example) but in most situations you can transfer a success/failure example in the parenting realm and achieve a relative success/failure in the business realm. It certainly is worth noting and experimenting with in your personal life. 

Until next time... take care. 



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