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Dec 20, 2009

When I first got confirmation that Bill Still was going to be on 'Two Beers With Steve' I rushed to my wife to tell her the good news... that I would soon be talking with a legend, an icon of mine. I have to thank Nathan Martin for making the meeting possible, Nathan also sat in during the interview and we all had a great conversation.

Bill Still has been beating the drum for monetary reform for decades, long before my 'awakening' Bill was hard at work writing books, articles and had made the film 'The Money Masters'. His latest venture has been another film titled 'The Secret of Oz', which I have seen and highly recommend.

This interview covers many topics but the most facsinating discovery for me was finding out how Bill Still, a journalist, became to be interested in monetary reform. A great interview, thanks Bill.

Buy The Secret of Oz - Buy the film and support the cause.

 The Secret of Oz Website

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