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Nov 8, 2013


The conversation continues with Erik Townsend, as he tells us about his epic journey around the world.  


Many topics are explored, including the following:  How do the considerations differ when evaluating a place for snow birding verses a primary residence?  Hawaii is a hell hole?  Why not the Carribean?  But isn’t Europe fiscally insolvent?  What was it like living out of a suit case perpetually?  What about our good friends in the TSA?  What are some good survival tips for this type of traveling?  What is the value in agility?  And finally, what was Erik’s pick for a home base?  What about a plan B in case things sour there?  Conclusions?




Below are the travel destinations covered in this show:






San Sebastian




Cannes (France)






The Italian country side




And more on Hong Kong and Puerto Vallarta




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