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Feb 19, 2013

On today‚Äôs show we talk to Dayna Martin, the UnNanny.  We discuss her book, Radical Unschooling, and the odyssey she has been on with her family living the life style.  It was amazing to hear how different life can be if you do not follow the main stream paradigm.




I encourage you to check out more of the great work she is doing:

almost eleven years ago

I've never had a sock monkey, and I lived to tell about it. I still have the Steiff bear Santa brhogut me when I was three. Wow. My five things would be: An accountant. One that would handle paying all of my bills on time each month and simply telling me I have X left to spend on groceries, gas, and fun. I'd never have a late fee again. That would be deeeelicious! A personal shopper. The supermarket has come close with offering delivery services, but I want someone who will pick meats and veggies the way I like them, know what I'll substitute when something's unavailable, and who will not only lug it all into the house but put it away for me. In that vein, I'd also like a housekeeper, or at the very least a dishwasher. I love cooking, but I hate the cleanup. A chauffer would be lovely, yessiree.That's only four, but that's okay. I don't think I need a fifth, unless it's schapps.

almost eleven years ago

It's been several days and I still keep eeixctpng to wake up from this nightmare. There is that second right before I wake that I believe it can not be true and then the hurt comes flooding back. I have run the gauntlet of emotions and know what I feel, what we all feel in this loss, is nothing compared to what Hallie, John and Connor are enduring. I want to take their pain away because I know it must be unbearable. But all the love and support that has been directed to Hallie, John and Connor has been a comfort and a blessing to experience. Giving us all the purpose of helping this incredible family get through this very difficult time has brought out such amazing signs of love. I hope it helps to ease their pain just a bit. Dayna and Kimmy, this tribute shows the depth of your love for this family and how much they mean to you. Thank you for telling the world how CJ touched us all in different ways and how his memory will always live on in our hearts. [url=]vuvfgtcrivj[/url] [link=]pytpps[/link]

almost eleven years ago

Good stuff, Adam! Thanks for the wallpaper.Hard to bieelve it's February, didn't we just have New Years day last week? LOLAwesome shot. Now I can lay under the palm tree whenever I want.Jimi Jones recently posted..