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Nov 18, 2012

Stefan Molyneux joins my co-host and I for a discussion about injecting philosophical morals and ethics into our parenting. Stefan introduces and describes what it means to be a 'Philosohical Parent' and reminds us that the relationship between the parent and child is unique in it's structure and therefore we must recognize this disparity of power and respect it. 

After a short introduction to the topic I quiz Stefan on how he would handle this situation and that situation in which Stefan responds with several tools that he uses. After a few short discussions of 'how-to's' Stefan realizes that not all tools are fool-proof and universal and will require preparation on the part of the parent, thus requiring a parent to be vigilant and aware. Stefan then brings the discussion back to the morals and ethics of these examples.

We end this episode strangely enough, gushing and fawning over the work of Stefan Molyneux. He is afterall the 'King of All Content' and has recorded thousands of hours of media, which could easily dominate one's thinking and spare time. Maybe I should have quizzed him on his rise to the position as 'Cult Hero' in the Libertarian scene, but I failed to do so... maybe next time.

almost eleven years ago

Is not obvious why a free sicoety will be more peacefull than a socialist dictatorship with no-guns laws. But? if you know that freedom is toked away from people to make them safe, and that violence is used to make them safe, and that they can't choose other methods to reduce crime to a minimun, they are force to do what they were told, THEN I will preffer to live ina place where everyone could have guns and find other ways to solve the crime problem, like fight it's causes.Sorry for my english

almost eleven years ago

my coment was a rssponee to PanzerDivisionBOM, sorry. Here again:Waksidra? just wanted to learn more about your point of view, he didn't deserve such and answer, he wasn't debating, just trying to learn. I hope you don't talk like this to everyone who is willing to get into anarchy of free society. He just wanted to know why you would feel safer in a place? where enevyone could have guns and are free to use them if they think they have a moral right to do so or they are just insane or evil. [url=]pbaxnx[/url] [link=]tqpupofderh[/link]

almost eleven years ago

@thegillotine09 We have been conditioned to cunsofe the property, the attributes, the qualities of the object or concept with its substance.The grass is not green. The color that the grass has the quality of is green. This is breaking up the substance of grass with its property/quality of being green. They have been made out to be one and the same when in reality the grass has green-ness but is not green thereby reaching the fallacy that grass=green when grass=grass and green=green.