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Aug 14, 2013

Steve Patterson joined me for a free-flowing discussion, a “BS session” if you will.  A potpourri of subjects was covered, including the following:


  • Edward Snowden
  • Bradley Manning
  • traitors vs heroes
  • The American Revolution
  • 9/11
  • critical thinking skills
  • questioning authority (but I repeat myself)
  • the economy
  • What would you do if you were chairman of the FED?
  • inflation
  • competing currencies
  • being bearish during a bull market
  • the challenges of running a podcast
  • being star struck
  • setting major life goals
  • success in sales
  • debating politics
  • The difference between progressives, conservatives, and libertarians
  • “speed reading” audiobooks and podcasts with applications like stitcher:

Steve breaks up a bit for a minute or two in the middle of the podcast, but the audio quickly improves afterward.  Don’t get discouraged, it won’t last long!