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Dec 9, 2016

Looking to improve your leadership skills? Are you a manager who wants to get results, while at the same time building strong relationships with your subordinates? In this book review of The One Minute Manager from Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard, I will show you how!

In this episode I cover the following:

  • ensuring your employees know what is expected of them
  • effective use of praise
  • how to take the sting out of reprimands, while still correcting the undesired behavior
  • running effective meetings
  • getting workers to "buy in"
  • how to reduce the time required to manage people, while increasing production
  • getting new hires up and running quickly and efficiently

The methods discussed in this podcast are great for any time you are in a leadership position, be it at work, at home, hobbies and clubs, where ever. You won't want to miss this show!


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