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Feb 28, 2012

This week I interview Aaron Hawkins of the website Waiting For The Storm

I don't know how I came upon Aarons videos and website but I am glad that I did. Aaron does what few revolutionaries are capable of doing; condensing their complex message down to a 3 minute video that is Facebook-able (ie. pasting the video into Facebook and having people actually watch it). 

Where this interview was intended to go is not where it ended up and I'm glad we discussed what we did... but... there is still plenty to talk about with Aaron (am I hearing a part two?). We eventually settled upon the topic of awakening people to Aarons message and whereas I am sceptical of claims of internet videos making a difference, Aaron defended his position that it is possible and desperately needs to be done, albiet it needs to be done correctly.

The book 'The Crowd' by Gustave Le Bon is available for free download on Amazon for your Kindle or E-Book reader.