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Jun 9, 2017


Do you have trouble getting people to see your point of view?

Most people lack the ability to persuade others. The vast majority result to manipulation or coercion to get their way. Many others are willing to lay down and take it, living life like a Debby Doormat. This is just as bad.

But a few people seem to have that gift of gab. They seem to be able to talk anybody into anything. As a copywriter, this gift is your life blood.

Nathan Fraser is a professional copywriter. This means he writes sales messages for small to medium sized businesses. And without the ability to persuade, he doesn't get paid. Making this task even more difficult, he has to do all his persuading in print. People have to read, they have to be convinced, and they have to buy, based entirely on his printed words alone.

Not an easy task.

But Nathan does it. He does it well. And it's less of a skill, and more of an art form, as Nathan lays out in this episode of Choice Conversations.

If you want to know the secrets that high paid advertisers keep close to their chest, you're in the right place. These secrets can help you make more sales, more friends, have better relationships, and better conversations. But most importantly, they can help you become more persuasive.

Whether you're selling a service, a product, or an idea, this is an episode you can't afford to miss. Download it now, and thank me later.

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robert sterling
over seven years ago

Thanks Nathan

robert sterling
over seven years ago

Thanks Nathan