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Feb 6, 2014

Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin podcast joins me to discuss how he found freedom in an unfree world.  We cover his six strategies for increasing personal freedom:




1. Emotional freedom. This is the first step before anything else.  He recommends Nathaniel Branden's work, Non-violent communication, and Acceptance therapy. Without breaking free in this realm, you won't be free anywhere else in life.  Focus on this personal stuff first and go out from there.


2. Travel. Traveling can open up new worlds. The world is not a scary place as it turns out. 


3. Figure out what you need to be happy. Keep those things, get rid of the stuff that doesn't make you happy. You will be freer when you purge like this.


4. Become financially free. Don't let this be daunting. What are your priorities? People travel the world making $1000/month. That's freedom. 


5. Build a business but really think about what will bring you the most freedom. Online businesses offer the advantage of being able to live anywhere. Many businesses will give you less freedom. Watch out.


6. Set up an anonymous New Mexico LLC and start using Bitcoin. Try to deal with banks and government agencies as little as possible, but don't break laws- there are too many other ways to be free to risk going to jail (Harry Browne talks a lot about this). 




Find more from Kevin here:




Harry Browne’s great book:




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Pete Gerlach’s work on Inner Family Systems therapy:




The works of Nathaniel Branden, including sentence completion exercises:




Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:               




Rich Dad, Poor Dad:




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