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Aug 6, 2014

In today’s show I have a round table discussion with Antony Sammeroff and Rock Barcellos on having relationships with people who are still plugged in to the matrix.  What is it like after having taken the red pill?


What do we mean when we say we’ve taken the red pill?  We’re talking about going against cultural norms, going through a philosophical awakening.  This covers a variety of topics which I’ve discussed in previous episodes:                                  


·         Voluntarism

·         Atheism

·         Philosophy in relationships (defoo, etc)

·         Authenticity in relationships (openly expressing emotions, etc)

·         IFS therapy

What are some effective strategies for dealing with these blue pill-ers?  How do we deal with the fact that we typically look crazy to those still plugged in, even though they are the ones who can't see past the illusion?


Next, we delve into the differences between needs based judgment and morality based judgment.  From there, we discuss if morality even exists, or is it just something people made up?  What about our thoughts on Stefan Molyneux and "the against me" argument?




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