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Apr 26, 2013


I welcome back Pete Gerlach to discuss psychology and self-help.  We cover his great article “Five Epidemic Personal, Marital, and Family Hazards”:




Here is the link to his free 7 lesson self-improvement course mentioned during the show:




Pete’s youtube channel:




Pete provides phone consultations:




Or find a local therapist who specializes in IFS therapy (Inner Family systems):




An interview with Dr. Faye Snyder about RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder):




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almost eleven years ago

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almost eleven years ago

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almost eleven years ago

Okay, so how come I am in such deep thought over this? Seriously, I have been sintitg here for like 15 minutes trying to think of something. (which is retarded since yesterday my love issue not wanting what others have so obviously I have NO problem coveting.) So here goes, if I had a magic lamp with only one wish I wish I could have a live-in house keeper. That would be my heaven on earth. I could sit here all day and dream of it but I better get off my duff and pick up the whirlwind that my kids left behind before heading outside.

almost eleven years ago

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