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Sep 11, 2009

In Episode 20 - Investing for uncertainty I outline the approach that I (Steve) will be taking to navigate the near future. I am not a speculator but with interest rates on certificates of deposit near zero and the dollar in jeopardy I've moved into more non-traditional markets.

This podcast has a slow start because I go from reading 'Goodnight Moon' and Thomas and the Big Big Bridge' to walking into my office and recording 'Two Beers With Steve'. Enjoy.

For those that are concerned I have moved my personal financial files to a thumb drive and I lock that thumb drive in a firesafe, I will move it to the safety deposit box next time I make the run.


The Book Rick discussed



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I understand your frustration when trying to decide how best to invest in this insane market, more gamble than investment. Believe me, FPs are not the answer; mutual funds are not the answer; option trading is CERTAINLY not the answer (Jeez! Really?)

Put the kids to bed tonight, set aside an hour or so and download and read the paper you\'ll find here:

After that, get from your library or purchase and read The Ivy Portfolio:

I promise... you will not be disappointed. FYI, I modeled this approach from Nov 2006 through Jul, 2009 (the worst market in my experience) and it performed beautifully. Send me an email and I\'ll forward those results.

My ulterior motive is get you to interview the authors of the book on your show:

You and your listeners would benefit tremendously.

Please note: I am not affiliated with nor do I stand to benefit from any promotion related to this investing approach, aside from the satisfaction of spreading the word.

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