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Sep 2, 2009

We re-visit an earlier episode (Episode 12), which was an episode where the regular roundtable made observations on the current healthcare. This time around we invited a doctor, Dr. Christopher Peters, and a hospital Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Bill Patterson, to give us an insiders perspective to the healthcare discussion going on in towns across America.

Although this is a departure from our normal financial, economic, and monetary topics we discuss I felt it was important to re-visit this topic for a number of reasons. Many of the reasons are brought up in the show but mainly my reasoning is to learn more about the issue. The more we learn the less we are influenced by political rhetoric and the easier it will be to come to clear conclusions.

Thank you for listening.

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almost eleven years ago

Geebus, I agree about that lame-o #5 thingie, which Stacey did not even crsotnuct, paint, assemble or otherwise create herself.Savin' the rest of my comments for the recap & interview w/Nina! [url=]yxgzpmycbfn[/url] [link=]wausuoo[/link]

almost eleven years ago

I'm curious how many ctelnis Nina has had for outside of working for RL. Any that weren't retail? Any real ctelnis before Design Star? I would assume that the RL gig would be fairly mandated by the corporation & their branding/marketing team & she would have had the job of implementing that vision. Just wondering Also, her first thought was to give the station a spa , which was hilarious! Did you notice the reaction to that suggestion? At least she was smart enough to move on quickly.

almost eleven years ago

It was about time they tossed Nina. Braille? Really? C'mon. I aullatcy liked Tom's ceiling. The connotation of the black being smoke didn't really factor in with me. What would the alternative been? Silver? Copper? I also wondered about the paneling in the man cave but found it ironic that the DS studio is partially paneled albeit in a warmer tone and horizontally rather than vertically. Finally, although the judges liked it, what was up with that sad, got it at Michaels for my HS locker #5? If you're gonna celebrate the station number be bold! That thing shoulda been huge on the wall contained within the firefighter's crest. Total missed opportunity there. I also wanted to see the silhouette on the wall instead of on a canvas, with a more heroic pose and a couple more bodies thrown in. Firefighters are a team, not individuals. They have each others backs when they go into a burning building. I wanted to see the team in that graphic.OK, now as Vern said, I'll GET OUTTA HERE !

thirteen and a half years ago

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