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May 22, 2012

Why is it that I've focused the last two podcasts on the Trivium (and soon to be three podcasts)?

The reason is that I think it is vitally important to understand this ancient form of understanding so that we may better interpret the world around us. The Trivium teaches a systematic and methodical approach to learning.

Whenever we come upon new information our minds intuitively begin dissecting it, but can our intuition (or gut feeling) be trusted? Are we wired correctly? Where did we receive our intuition? These are questions I cannot answer completely. Is it our culture? Is it our education? Is it genetic?

The Trivium is a conscious thought based approach to overcome our built-in programming. We can consciously make a choice to re-wire our intuition so that we categorize information and then dissect it from a more methodical standpoint. 

This is mind-altering stuff, yet it seems so simple and basic. I know that many listeners feel the same way because after the last show with Jan I received more thank-you's than I have ever had about a podcast. Many of the comments were similiar to mine, the Trivium is simple and basic yet mind-blowing.


ten and a half years ago

I actually found this more eniaiterntng than James Joyce.

ten and a half years ago

That takes us up to the next level. Great poitnsg.