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Jul 15, 2015

No, this is not about Barack Obama's book.  In this episode, I walk you through a real life example of how I do dream analysis.  Step by step, I reveal a process where I combine several strategies, and gain synergies by combining them, in order to obtain greater self knowledge.  Strategies covered include meditation, yoga, inner-family systems therapy, affirmations, Nathaniel Branden's sentence completion exercises, Marshall Rosenberg's Non-violent communication, and of course dream analysis.


Below are links to more details on various topics discussed during the show.


Inner Family Systems therapy:


Yoga and mindfullness: 


Non-Violent Communication:


Positive thinking and affirmations: 


The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, audio book by Joseph Murphy: 


Nathaniel Branden's Sentence Completion execercises:


Nathaniel Branden's The Art of Self-Discovery (more sentence completion exercises):



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