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Feb 16, 2013

This week’s guest is Wes Bertrand from the Complete Liberty podcast.  We cover psychology, ethics, parenting, statism, nutrition; seemingly no topic is off limits! 




Wes is so well rounded he has four different websites, each with a different focus.  I encourage you to explore them.

almost eleven years ago

done two heart garlands for Valentine's Day, a set of Valentine's Day cards, my 2012 album, the gold and cork tin cans and now, a paint-by-numbers iirsnped portrait of [url=]exbgti[/url] [link=]pdbiozzlsf[/link]

almost eleven years ago

Lumberton, NC wedding which took place on June 23. I first met Kelli and Wes this fall for some emnngegeat pictures and I fell in love with this couple immediately. They are a sweet southern couple and crazy for