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Jan 10, 2013

We invited Peter Gerlach to talk about his 7 Self-Help Improvement Lessons

  1)  Free your wise resident true Self and reduce two to six "wounds."

   2)  Learn effective thinking and communication basics and skills

   3)  Learn to practice healthy three-level grief

   4)  Learn how to choose and maintain high-nurturance relationships

   5)  Learn how to evolve and maintain high-nurturance families

   6)  Learn kids' needs and effective parenting basics and skills

   7)  Use lessons 1-6 to evolve a high-nurturance stepfamily

over eleven years ago

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over eleven years ago

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over eleven years ago

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over eleven years ago

I admire but I do not share this opmisitm. It does not reflect reality. Children are exploited in American culture. Nurturing seems to be an accident. We are the ultimate culture of indifference. We mean well. But our behavior is not evidence of a conspiracy of goodness. I deal with HIV+ young boys, many runaways, who are out there doing sex work. It is a landscape of sheer and brutal survival.Many adolescents in this at-risk group end up killing themselves. The system's response is usually to arrest them, and incarcerate them. The HIV rate, the death rate, the tuberculosis rate, and just plain and simple rapes in child detention facilities is a national nightmare. It is a disgrace. The estimate that there are a million homeless children in this culture is bogus; the real number is much higher.If we actually cared about kids in this culture, why are so many of them on waiting lists for HIV drugs.They are lectured to that their HIV rates (going higher) are unacceptable. But then they are denied the medication they need. We push HIV testing.How many American juvenile detention facilities test. None.How many provide HIV medical support. None.Wake up and smell the media for what it is. Sound bites and rhetoric. It does not REFLECT the reality too many children live.The kids I deal with eat pizza out of dumpsters. They don't have big dreams. They're marginalized because that is what poverty does. They understand that the focus has to be to just make it through the day.Drugs are an escape. For kids who can't get antiretrovirals, they have no problem finding heroin.We mouth lots of words. But the evidence of our indifference toward how we perceive and nurture our children is everywhere. The men who pick up the boys I deal with to have sex with them (oral sex is five bucks and anal sex is twenty), are almost always married.How do I know this.I go to the source every day. They understand what they are up against. They also understand there is not much hope to be found out there. Hope does not mean them, and they are not alone.Fully half the children in this culture live in poverty.I would love to believe in a conspiracy of goodness. But I am compelled to live in the real world.