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Feb 23, 2016

Wes Bertrand and I are joined by author David Hathaway to discuss his excellent book Immigration: Individual vs National Borders. David's book provides a logically consistent view of immigration from a Libertarian's perspective. It details the various fallacies that are put forth by so called voluntaryists who advocate the use of state power to "protect" the borders.

This show continues The Fall of Stefan Molyneux series. The principled arguments David makes during our conversation match those that Molyneux use to make. The Freedomain Radio shows linked below illustrate this. Unforutnately, Stef has done a complete 180 on immigration, as a supporter of Donald Trump and a proponent of using state violence to "close the borders."

Stefan's stance on immigration circa January 2007. Sadly he no longer advocates this position:

The Fall of Stefan Molyneux Series
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